TMK 200

TMK 200 ”Beaver” is the newest addition to TMK product family. Beavers small size and precisely designed structure makes the shear good fit to for example tractor cranes, miniloaders and small excavators. This powerhouse, weighing only 165 kg (363 lb), cuts 200 mm (7,87 in) tree comfortably.

Key Features

Cut Width: 200mm

Weight: 165kg

machine: 2-8 ton kg

TMK 300

TMK 300 is the beginning of the TMK product family. TMK 300 has the widest attachment options of all TMK products, and that makes TMK 300 into one of the most versatile shears on the market. Easy operating makes the TMK 300 a great choice for small scale users, and with very high productivity it fits perfectly for the professionals in the industry.

Key Features

Cut Width: 300mm

Weight: 260kg

machine: 5-20 ton kg

TMK 400

TMK 400 ”Big Boy” is the largest and strongest one in TMK’s current product family. TMK 400 was developed to cut down Central Europes big trees, and the power to this produces the custom designed cylinders. Thanks to these cylinders we can cut up to 400mm (15,75 in) trees. Big Boy fits to excavators from 10 ton kg (22 ton lb)  to 30 ton kg (66 ton lb).

Key Features

Cut Width: 400mm

Weight: 560kg

machine: 10-30 ton kg